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Felipe Garcia


Felipe Garcia is an Assistant Professor with the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Nanyang Technological University. He obtained his PhD from University of Cambridge in 2004, and has been passionate in his research in inorganic chemistry and organometallics.

In teaching, Felipe believes that students should be active participants on their own learning. In his teaching pedagogy, he believes in using appropriate technologies to stimulate peer-to-peer-learning, and in helping students acquiring other softer skills like communicating and team work.

Talk: Using blogs in Classrooms: an NTU case study

Joan Wee


Joan Wee is a Senior Librarian at the Nanyang Technology University (NTU) Library (New Media Group and Economics) where she tracks relevant emerging technologies and trends in the higher education landscape. She collaborates closely with faculty and other users to design blogs, and provides consultation and training on applying appropriate social media tools and strategies that support the teaching, research, community building and marketing needs of the users.

She graduated from National University of Singapore with a degree in Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in Economics and General Mathematics, and received her master’s degree in Library Science from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Talk: Using blogs in Classrooms: an NTU case study

Alvin Lim (Alvinology)


Alvin Lim is the founder and owner of Alvinology Media LLP, a group of content sites in Singapore serving more than 1 million page views per month combined. Two of our flagship websites, http://alvinology.com and http://asia361.com are powered by WordPress.

Alvin is also the global head of content at migme, an Australian-listed social entertainment company with over 35 million monthly active users. He has previous working experience with Singapore Press Holdings, News Corp and the Olympic Games.

Talk: Powering your Content Site: Why WordPress?

Dandreb John Bitanghol

Davao, Philippines

Dandreb John Bitanghol is also known as Dreb Bits on the web (to save a couple of bytes and to easily register in people’s memory). He hails from the countryside of the sunny Philippines. He is currently a web engineer at 10up, where he focuses on building and supporting WordPress.com VIP sites. He started contributing to WordPress core earlier this year, and builds and maintains a few plugins.

When not plugging away with WordPress, Dreb likes taking photos and fantasizing about travel.

Talk: Hookup with WordPress

Jack Lenox

Keswick, United Kingdom

Jack Lenox works on the WordPress.com VIP team at Automattic. When he’s not trying to work, he enjoys subscribing to beautifully printed magazines that he doesn’t have time to read, drinking good coffee, and mountain biking in the English Lake District where he lives.

Talk: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Design Patterns, and Test-Driven Development

Rui Hang Foo


Rui Hang Foo is the Digital Marketer of Vodien Internet Solutions, which provides managed cloud hosting solutions for businesses across the region. WordPress is a huge part of Vodien’s customers; with over 34% of Vodien’s customers running WordPress.

Rui Hang has knowledge and experience with using and optimising WordPress for blogs and websites. He takes joy in experimenting with various plugins and configurations, and advocates the use of WordPress for businesses or individuals to create their very own online presence.

Talk: 5 Tips To Optimise WordPress To Be Faster and More Secure

Peter Wilson

Melbourne, Australia

Peter Wilson is a web-developer with twenty years experience, a CSS junkie, a WordPress Engineer at Human Made and a guest committer to WordPress core.

He has worked in both client services and on enterprise applications.

His portfolio includes working on sites for some of Australia’s largest listed companies and highest profile performers.

Peter writes at peterwilson.cc.

Talk: Contributing to WordPress Core

Damien Oh


Damien Oh is the Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

Talk: Managing Multiple Authors/Contributors in WordPress

Roxanne Chia


Roxanne Chia is a beauty blogger (2010–present), ex-lecturer, and educator (2011-2016). She has been blogging on WordPress for 6 years and has recently switched to doing it full-time. She constantly seeks out collaboration opportunities, and has international readership from Asia, USA, and Europe.

Talk: How Being an Educator Has Changed the Way I Blog About Beauty

Kenneth Lee


Kenneth Lee writes at 5meanders.com, Daily Vanity and Avenue One Magazine. He specialises in creating provocative content that touches on hot-button social issues, in a bid to influence opinions and drive public change.

Talk: Courting Controversy: Creating Blog Posts that Get People Talking on Social Media, without getting into trouble

Shinichi Nishikawa

Ogijima, Japan

Shinichi Nishikawa is a huge fan of WordPress. He has organized and spoken at WordPress meetups in Japan, Laos and Bangkok, and was the lead organizer of WordCamp Tokyo 2012.

He also contributes to the WordPress project by writing books, releasing free WordPress plugins on the WordPress.org repository, reviewing WordPress themes, and by helping with translation.

Talk: Offloading services from WordPress to outer services, such as Google and AWS

Shilpa Shah

Pune, India

Shilpa Shah is a co-founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions — as part of her responsibilities there, she manages the sites that they own — CyberChimps, SlideDeck, WPeka and several other WordPress theme and plugin stores.

Talk: Struggling to promote your theme/plugin? Don’t!

Dat Hoang

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Dat Hoang lives in Vietnam, but works with a truly global remote team, OnTheGoSystems, as a WPML supporter. He focuses on helping his clients, and writing documents to make their multilingual sites thrive.

Dat’s involvement with WordPress runs deep. He organizes and frequently speaks at the Saigon (Vietnam) WordPress meetup group. He is also a translation validator and contributor to the Vietnamese WordPress.

When the laptop is closed, he enjoys travelling and shooting photos.

Talk: Gaining Customer Loyalty through Support – A Case Study on WPML Team

Vishaka Mantri


Vishaka Mantri is the Assistant Project Manager for a WordPress-based learning and content management system called Open Source Studio. She is also a graphic and learning designer who has recently graduated from The School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Talk: Open Source Studio: Learning and Content Management For Online Education In The Arts

Dasun Edirisinghe

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dasun Edirisinghe hails from Sri Lanka, and is obsessed with WordPress. He started to use WordPress from WordPress 3.1 (2011), and it soon became his hobby, passion, and career.

He is also the founder of the WordPress Colombo Meetup, and contributes to the WordPress Sinhala Translation in his spare time. He also works as the Lead UX Designer/Lead WordPress Developer for John Keells Computer Services.

Dasun love to read books and explore the hidden things in Sri Lankan history. 🙂

Talk: Extending your WordPress project with custom post types

Tony Bui

Hanoi, Vietnam

Tony Bui is 30 years old, married, and with a daughter. He was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, grew up and lived in Moscow, Russia for 16 years. Now, he has returned back to Vietnam and travels from time to time. He is addicted to traction, and uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for now.

Talk: Optimizing a website with Google Tag Manager

Nicole Tan


Nicole Tan is the travelling digital marketer who runs Pink Tangent, her own marketing and digital communication company. She is currently making her mark at Sakura Sky, a company dedicated to creating the most impactful digital solutions. Drawing on a strong international expertise in digital media, marketing, public relations and event management, she believes in helping organisations use the digital space to catalyse communication for their business needs. Being a digital nomad and major traveller, she loves travel blogging, co-working and startups!

Talk: How to DIY basic digital marketing on WordPress

Noel Tock

Zurich, Switzerland

Noel Tock is a Swiss Digital Nomad that enjoys building solutions online. He is also a partner at Human Made, a top tier WordPress agency (and VIP Partner). There, he oversees the growing product portfolio (Nomadbase, Happytables, WP Remote, etc.).

Noel is a jack of all trades, master of none, usually bouncing between product management, UI design and front-end development. The projects he enjoys working on most target small businesses and the long tail, democratizing opportunity so that smaller players have a shot at being successful online.

Keynote: Moving forward in WordPress

Terence Lee


Terence Lee has been a WordPress user for 8 years. He was an editor with political blog The Online Citizen, founded satirical news site New Nation, and is now the managing editor of Tech in Asia.

Talk: Using WordPress for an editorial team of 15 writers getting 1.4 million pageviews a month

Okamoto Hidetaka

Kyoto, Japan

Okamoto Hidetaka works at DigitalCube as an engineer. He also organizes the local WordPress community in Kyoto, Japan.

Talk: Amazon Alexa + WP REST API = GUI-Less WordPress Application

Hedren Sum


Hedren Sum is a New Media and Art Librarian at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s Libraries. He works very closely with faculty in several curatorial and research teams as a collaborator, providing research assistance and building digital collections. Hedren can also be recognised for using an array of digital tools in his work to visualise and communicate information.

Talk: Using WordPress for Interdisciplinary Research

Mahangu Weerasinghe

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Mahangu Weerasinghe hails from Colombo, Sri Lanka. He first found WordPress when he stumbled upon 0.70 in the dark recesses of #wordpress on Freenode. He has used and provided support for every major release of the software, and is excited about the impact the platform can have on South Asia.

Though once a high school English teacher, his desire to make online publishing more democratic led him to Automattic, where he now works as a Happiness Engineer. He sincerely believes that stellar support will play a pivotal role in helping WordPress power the next 26% of the web!

Talk: The Jugaad Way: WordPress Code for Non-Developers

Takayuki Miyoshi

Fukuoka, Japan

Takayuki Miyoshi is a WordPress plugin developer. He has developed Contact Form 7, Really Simple CAPTCHA, Flamingo, Bogo, and so on. He lives in Fukuoka, Japan.

Talk: What is the responsibility of plugin developers?

Hafiz Rahman

Malang, Indonesia

Hafiz Rahman is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

Talk: Contributing to Calypso

Rahul Bansal

Pune, India

Rahul Bansal came across WordPress in 2007, looking for ways to customize his blog. He was a full-time professional blogger earning a living through blogging only.

Tinkering with WordPress led to releasing his first WordPress plugin in 2008. He started to enjoy developing on WordPress and soon started rtCamp — India’s first WordPress-only agency in 2009.

In last 8 years, he has been involved in many open-source WordPress projects such as rtMedia and EasyEngine, that are used on thousands of active sites.

Apart from contributing code, he has spoken at many WordCamps and other tech events, including the inaugural Nginx conference in San Francisco in 2014.

Rahul is also the WordCamp Pune organizer, and is involved with WordPress Hindi translation.

Talk: Building a high quality WordPress agency in South Asia